3 Things to Know Before You Acquire a Water Truck

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Acquiring a water truck can be challenging. The misguided decision could charge you your life savings. Perhaps we are actually being over dramatic, however there is much to ponder prior to purchasing, renting, or leasing a water truck.

Below are 3 things to think about prior to purchasing a water truck:

Figure out Your Application
Water trucks are multipurpose equipment used in building and construction, farming, firefighting, as well as emergency services. Nonetheless, a water tanker developed to deliver safe and clean drinking water is a much different vehicle than one utilized for construction. That may seem evident, but even among the very same market, subtle variants exist. For example, let’s take a water truck created to fight fires. We had a client purchase a water truck to help fight wildfires, just to figure out that the truck did not fulfill the standards to be authorized for government jobs.

The retrofits needed would cost them countless money. They can have acquired a new vehicle that previously met the federal government requirements for the price they spent on a second-hand truck. Even if you know your application, study and speak to individuals in business prior to committing to a truck. Popular applications include dust control and soil compaction at construction sites, firefighting, filling ponds for agricultural usage as well as drinking water for emergency services.

Make certain you have the Correct Spec you Need
While this works together with understanding your application, having the correct specifications will go a long way to your success. One of the most popular vehicles have a water storage tank that holds between 2,000– 4,000 gallons. You can find custom-made heavy equipment trucks that bring considerably much more, but the majority of these are for off-road usage.

While the storage tank capacity of your water truck is the most apparent specification, many other considerations like the type of pipes and also nozzles needed and also the kind of job places you will be accessing are all essential requirements. In addition to where you source your water. Will you get your water from a fire hydrant, from a garden pipe, draft from a body of water, or a combination? Various other things to take into consideration are the type of cab controls required and also whether you require a medium-duty or heavy-duty truck chassis.

Should you Buy New, Second-hand, Lease or Rent?
You have actually figured out the type of water truck you require. Now you have to decide whether you want to buy a new, used, lease, or rent a truck. Exactly how do you pick?

Investing in second-hand is not always the best option. Elements that identify the sort of vehicle you need include; your budget, the custom nature of the truck body, as well as service availability.

Oftentimes, you may be far better off investing more money upfront on getting what you require as opposed to buying second-hand and building a vehicle. Acquiring pre-owned as well as making a fire tender might charge even more time and money than acquiring brand-new.

Nonetheless, a low-mileage pre-owned water truck for dirt control from a credible dealer will certainly conserve you hundreds of money contrasted to buying a brand-new one. Or perhaps you do not recognize specifically what you need however need something fast. Renting a truck from a trusted company might be a wonderful temporary choice, as well as conserving you from a pricey mistake.

Ask Inquiries!
Whether you are acquiring new, second-hand, renting, or leasing, do not hesitate to ask the difficult questions. Your business depends on making the correct transaction.

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